Real Delicious Flavors
  • All Flavors are 100% Natural Named Fruit Flavors
  • We don’t use shelf-ready flavors that are generally available to any and all White Label Manufacturers
  • Our Flavors are specifically created by our Flavoring Scientists for the enjoyment of us all
  • Our waters don’t only have a hint of Flavor, but “A Real Flavor You Can Enjoy”


    NON-GMO Certified
    • Our Flavored Waters are very simple, just Water and Flavors
    • The Flavors besides being 100% Natural, are also CERTIFIED non-GMO (they do not contain any genetically modified organisms) by the Non-GMO Project Organization
    • We don’t guarantee the non-GMO status only by ourselves, but it is also analyzed, certified and guaranteed by the most incumbent third party organization

      Sugar and Sweetener Free
      • The great taste of our waters donot depend on sweets, but only in the scientifically designed Flavor Profiles
      • We don’t use HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)
      • We don’t use any type of sugar
      • We don’t use any type of sweetener, neither artificial nor Natural

        Zero To Low Calories
        • Depending on the Flavor and the bottle size, we offer you Zero, Five and Ten calories options
        • Why? We don’t play the game of serving size vs Calories, reducing serving sizes in a bottle to reduce caloric count. What you see is what you get.
        • We want to give you an enjoyable Flavor.
        • Flavor components have calories
        • Calories are still very low that will not compromise your healthy habits


        Fruit Juice Free
        • Our Flavored Waters are created to replace the boring traditional tasteless water with a less caloric impact and the most possible clean label available
        • We do not use Fruit Juice to avoid the caloric impact caused by the fruit Natural sugars
        • We want to offer you the cleanest water with the cleanest Flavor. Period.

          No color Whatsoever
          • In out efforts to give you the cleanest, purest water, we don’t use any type of color, either Natural or Artificial.
          • Water is clear, transparent, and we want it to remain this way.
          • A strong real Flavor, does not mean a funny color
          • If it has a color, well…., it doesn’t look like it is water

          Nothing Artificial
          • As we want to offer you the cleanest water….
          • We use no preservatives
          • We use nothing artificial
          • We use no colors
          • We are not worried about shelf life, we worry about your health

          No Carbonation, No bubbles
          • We have nothing against carbonation.
          • We like carbonation, and consider it safe. We are even creating a carbonated Flavored Water line for your enjoyment
          • We just wanted to give non carbonation lovers a healthy and clean option with a tasty Flavor Profile to enjoy

            ALL USA
            • We do care for our Country, our Workers and our Economy
            • The Water is US sourced and responsibly monitored by US trusted authorities
            • Flavors are US Designed and Manufactured
            • The Bottles are Manufactured I n the US from US Raw Materials
            • US workers handle all the logistics from source to consumer
            • The Sales benefits are all shared and reinvested into the US Economy

            RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water
            • We use Water supplied by a Natural Artesian Spring Aquifer to which RO (Reverse Osmosis) is applied as initial purification
            • We never use utility supplied Purified Water
            • Our water also passes through a septic process consisting of Micron Filtration, UV and Ozone purification for maximum cleanliness


              Pure, delicious Flavors
              • Our Flavors are all proprietary.
              • All Natural Flavors from Named Fruits
              • Certified NON-GMO
              • Gluten Free
              • Zero or Low Calories
              • A Real Flavor You Can Enjoy

                Why Sugar Free?
                • The World Health Organization recommends we aim to consume no more than 6 tsp of free sugar per day
                • Sugar is hidden, in excess, in what we normally consume in our day to day lifes,
                • Sugar is a hidden slow killer of which we must stay aware
                • Follow the "ICON's LINK" to know some surprising and interesting facts about SUGAR.

                A super Clean Label For You
                • We want to offer you the Best Option to the Best, but Boring Natural, Fresh Spring Water, So we design it with:
                • No Colorants whatsoever, neither Artificial nor Natural
                • No Preservatives
                • No sugar
                • No sweetener whatsoever, neither Artificial nor Natural
                • No carbonation
                • No fruit Juice
                • Nothing Artificial
                • Certified NON-GMO Flavors
                • Gluten Free Flavors
                • All Natural Proprietary Flavors
                • No sodium
                • Zero to Low Calories

                It may seem that this section’s name: Why Water? Has a very logical answer. We all know from birth about our need for water, but we just wanted to give you some facts about Water and Our Bodies, for you to better understand our answer, and try our Healthy and Delicious Miami Beach Body Naturally Flavored Water, from the perspective of our motto: Be Strong, Be Healthy, Be Beautiful.


                Water And Body Facts

                • The average Adult Human Body is 50 to 65% water
                • In infants the % of water is higher; 75 to 78%
                • Water percentages varies according to gender and fitness level.
                  Fatty tissue contains less water than lean tissue.
                • The average amount of water you need per day is about
                  3 liters (13 cups) for men and 2.2 liters (9 cups) for women.
                • The Blood has a 92 % water
                • The Brain has a 73 % water
                • The Heart has a 73 % water
                • The lungs have a 83% water
                • The skin has a 64% water
                • The muscles have a 79% water
                • The kidneys have a 79% water
                • The bones have a 31% water 

                Be Strong
                • Our reference to strength is not only about physical, but also about mental, and emotional, all the strengths that make us the superior species
                • All of our strengths depend invariably of our optimal mental and physical conditions
                • Water is one of the most essential components to support human life, and life in general
                • Without a correct amount of daily water intake, life is basically not possible, it is thrown out of balance, endangered and plagued with weakness and decadence
                • Humans can live for more than three weeks without food, but no more than three or four days without water


                  Be Healthy
                  • Water is essential not only to maintain health, but to maintain life
                  • For our bodies, water has lots of specifics functions, most of them, derive from the following functional facts:
                  • It is the primary building blocks of cells
                  • Act as insulation, regulating internal body temperature
                  • It is needed to metabolize proteins and carbohydrates used as food
                  • Lubricate our joints
                  • Insulates the Brain, Spinal Cord, Organs and acts as a shock absorber
                  • Used to flush waste and toxins from the body
                  • Main solvent in the body, dissolves Minerals, Vitamins, and other Nutrients
                  • Carry oxygen to the cells
                  • So, to be healthy, among other things, DRINK PLENTY OF WATER

                    Be Beautiful
                    • Our motto to be beautiful, not only references physical beauty, or handsomeness, but
                    • It refers also to our interactions as humans
                    • Our capacity to confront adversities, survive and develop further
                    • To create
                    • To give and to receive love
                    • To be happy, and express and spread happiness
                    • To be fulfilled
                    • To have a radiant soul
                    • If you are strong and Healthy,…well, then for sure you are already BEAUTIFUL

                    It may seem that this section’s name: Why Water? Has a very logical answer. We all know from birth about our need for water, but we just wanted to give you some facts about Water and Our Bodies, for you to better understand our answer, and try our Healthy and Delicious Miami Beach Body Naturally Flavored Water, from the perspective of our motto: Be Strong, Be Healthy, Be Beautiful.

                    Be Strong
                    • Add text here

                    Be Healthy
                    • Add text here

                    Be Beautiful
                    • Add text here

                    We hear, We talk, We converse
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                    • We don't hide, we don't change the story, we don't manipulate people's opinions
                    • We are 100% transparent. We may do something right, or something wrong, but we want to hear both in order to keep the right and correct the wrong
                    • We want to establish a relationship with you, so let us know, criticize us, makes us follow your lead, tell us what you want, we will work hard to comply with your needs and to make a better world together
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                    Who Considers us Important
                    • We want to contribute and we will do it even without telling or bragging, but we also want to be known by you, we want to develop our business venture, so even when we want to do good without an ego show, we still need Public Relations and Advertising
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                    Where Can You Buy?
                    • Our business model determines where you can buy our products.
                    • Due to many factors our selling partners may change from time to time; that is why we want to maintain an updated list of retailers, on-line retailers, distributors and other places where you can find our delicious, refreshing., healthy water
                    • For our consumers convenience we will always sell it on-line ourselves, so you will always have readily access to it
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                    • If you are a Retailer, Distributor, or are interested in carrying our product lines, please, just reach out to us. We will be always ready