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Recognition Water Repellent Board Short - Blue with Miami Beach Body logo

    1. The Miami Beach Body Board Shorts honor The Miami and Miami Beach's lifestyle by inviting you to wear every day the symbols and colors of summer, the colors of aliveness, the colors of the sun. the sky, the tones of the sea, the palm tress, and the cocktails sipped by the sand and in our world wide famous night clubs
    2. Every design is unique, custom developed and thought by the meetings of the minds, ideas and styles of several of our closest friends, including personal trainers, party promoters, fashion and graphic designers, and lots and lots of others who only want to enjoy life, have fun, look their best every day and carry with them the best quality and distinctiveness
    3. You can wear our "Miami Beach Palm Breeze Water Repellent"  line at any time, assured that they were created with extraordinary fabrics and materials, quality, craftsmanship, and the vision of a unique attractive look that tells everyone: "Look I am not afraid to be myself, to show myself. I have a Miami Beach Body, and you can have it too, Join me.
    1. WATER REPELLENT fabric achieved by the use of a special  mix of 90% Polyester and 10% Lycra to at the same time be extremely lightweight, flexible, and allow complete movement that follows your every body stretch.
    2. Built in liner for extra support and privacy. Don't have to take extra care for extra shows when wet. Keep what's yours to yourself
    3. Fake decorative, all sewn fly
    4. Suitable mainly for the beach, the pool, surfing, or any water activity, but also it is stylishly designed for daily use and sports like running, yoga, bodybuilding, or simply for all of your active lifestyle and all-day comfort.
    5. Breathable lightweight, water repellent  fabric for staying dry and comfortable when sweating or when getting wet from rain, the beach, the pool or other external source
    6. Continuously repels water while being splashed. Can only be totally wet when submerged into water, and even though, the specially created fabric will make it to dry faster than other traditional fabrics. It assures you to be dry faster when going fully into the water, sweating by lite walking, hard training, and no matter your activity level for an all day dry comfort.
    7. Washer and dryer-friendly. Color fastness and fabric characteristics and strength guaranteed never to fade.
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