Alkaline Section 3

Donations Accountability
  • Being a Brand with a social purpose requires of us to be totally transparent in our practices
  • We post up to the minute total production and up to the minute funds contributions to the Everglades restoration and conservation effort
  • All extra donations from individuals or Organizations; big, or small will be listed in our accountability page for all the world to see, and passed on to the final objective of Everglades Restoration and Conservation
  • For access to this Unique practice begun by Everglades Water, Follow the "ICON's LINK" and see for yourself how Everglades Water supports the environment
Why The Everglades?
  • Our founder loves Nature, Life, Freedom and the little details that make us humans.
  • After years and years of business and social interactions we wanted to give back, to make a difference
  • Selecting the Everglades was a default decision totally in line with the parent company philosophy, the Everglades Brand essence, our place of residence, business headquarters and current environmental, social and economical issues that affect us all  living in Florida, being part and touched by the Everglades in every aspect of our lives
  • As Marjory Stoneman Douglas, an  American journalist, writer, and environmentalist, said: "Thre are no other Everglades in the World", Miami Beach Body and Everglades Water want it to remain like that, and alive for all to enjoy.
More Love, More giving
  • There are many ways to contribute to a cause, monetarily is only one of them. We now encourage you to also make a difference
  • Everglades Water Brand will make a substantial donation of 5 cents per each bottle of our Unique Refreshing Water sold
  • From time to time, we will also make separate additional donations and in the same way encourage you to increase the love, and increase the care by giving more
  •  Follow the "ICON's LINK" and increase the Everglades life by donating more