Naturally Pure
  • Naturally Occurring 8.0 ph Alkaline Mineral Water. Never artificially alkalinized
  • Natural Premium Light Mineral Spring Water
  • Naturally contains fluoride
  • No additives
  • Micron filtered, ultraviolet (UV) treated, Ozone Purified and bottled
  • Two years of freshness / Shelf Life


Nothing Added
  • Nothing is added to Everglades Water
  • The minerals and Electrolytes contained are Naturally Occurring and deposited by Nature
  • Calcium    28mg
  • Magnessium 14 mg
  • Chloride   7mg
  • Sodium  1 mg
  • Potassium  0mg
  • 225 Total Dissolved Solids

Unique Refreshing Taste
  • 300 ppm (parts per million) mineral count gives the water a unique naturally refreshing taste
  • Provides a taste aliveness sensation that differentiates it from other waters in the market

A Water with a Cause
  • Everglades is not another Water. It is a Water with a Cause
  • The Cause is to contribute to the Public Education about the Florida Everglades
  • The Cause is to monetarily contribute to the Everglades Restoration and Conservation efforts
  • We are real time accountable to the public about our contributions
  • We don't only give monetary funds, but also share our time for the Everglades
  • Our beautiful labels showcase the life of the Everglades and link you to more interesting information
  • Drink Healthy, Hydrate, Protect the World

Renewable Sourcing
  • To sell or consume bottled water is not always to pollute or deplete our earth of its limited resources
  • Our water is collected from vast reservoirs supplied by Ice Age Glaciers
  • Water collection is controlled and monitored to avoid environmental depletion and natural alkalinity and minerals stability
  • Protected from and free of Human pollutants and Industrial Byproducts
  • Constant controls assure that water character and purity remains unchanged

  • We do care for our country, our workers, and our economy
  • The water is US sourced and responsibly monitored by US trusted authorities
  • The bottles are manufactured in the U.S from U.S raw material
  • The products is sourced, bottled, transported, and sold by U.S workers
  • The sales benefits are totally shared and reinvested into the U.S economy
  • It is Everglades, It is the world's greatest water from America



    Recyclable, Biodegradable
    • To be consequent with our Parent Brand, and with our own Eco Conscience:
    • Bottles are 100% BPA Free
    • Bottles are 100% recyclable
    • Instructions are provided printed in our label
    • Bottles are created with Enso Additives for 100% Landfill Biodegradability in a 5 years period
    • All accomplished while offering a strong grade PET bottle that will not crumble while opening or under pressure

    Compare Alkalinity
    • All water is not "Just Water"
    • Follow the "ICON's LINK" for extra information about alkalinity in different types of waters and alkalinity in other drinks.
    • Alkalinity in other manufacturers is achieved by adding chemicals or through physical reactions.
    • Everglades Water is Naturally Alkaline directly from Mother Earth


    Alkaline Water is Better Water
    • Studies show links of Alkaline Water consumption to health benefits including:
    • Detoxification
    • Bone Health
    • Balanced body and Blood ph
    • Enhanced hydration by 30% faster and easier mineral absorption
    • Reduce fatigue
    • Fights lactic acid burns
    • Weight loss
    • Gut health
    • Energizing
    • Boost Immune system
    • Exercise recover
    Drink, Drink, but When is Better
    • Although drinking water, and even better Alkaline water, is a life need and health enhancing habit, We recognize that all excesses are better avoided
    • Follow the "ICON's LINK" for extra information about the best moments to drink Alkaline water, and the moments to avoid drinking Alkaline, or any other water. 

    The Beautiful Labels - Let's Take Care Of The Everglades Life

    Donations Accountability
    • Being a Brand with a social purpose requires of us to be totally transparent in our practices
    • We post up to the minute total production and up to the minute funds contributions to the Everglades restoration and conservation effort
    • All extra donations from individuals or Organizations; big, or small will be listed in our accountability page for all the world to see, and passed on to the final objective of Everglades Restoration and Conservation
    • For access to this Unique practice begun by Everglades Water, Follow the "ICON's LINK" and see for yourself how Everglades Water supports the environment
    Why The Everglades?
    • Our founder loves Nature, Life, Freedom and the little details that make us humans.
    • After years and years of business and social interactions we wanted to give back, to make a difference
    • Selecting the Everglades was a default decision totally in line with the parent company philosophy, the Everglades Brand essence, our place of residence, business headquarters and current environmental, social and economical issues that affect us all  living in Florida, being part and touched by the Everglades in every aspect of our lives
    • As Marjory Stoneman Douglas, an  American journalist, writer, and environmentalist, said: "Thre are no other Everglades in the World", Miami Beach Body and Everglades Water want it to remain like that, and alive for all to enjoy.
    More Love, More giving
    • There are many ways to contribute to a cause, monetarily is only one of them. We now encourage you to also make a difference
    • Everglades Water Brand will make a substantial donation of 5 cents per each bottle of our Unique Refreshing Water sold
    • From time to time, we will also make separate additional donations and in the same way encourage you to increase the love, and increase the care by giving more
    •  Follow the "ICON's LINK" and increase the Everglades life by donating more


    We Hear We Talk We Converse

    We Hear, We Talk, We Converse
    • Social Media is here to stay and to make everyone visible for good
    • We don't hide, we don't change the story, we don't manipulate people's opinions
    • We are 100% transparent. We may do something right, or something wrong, but we want to hear both in order to keep the right and correct the wrong
    • We want to establish a relationship with you, so let us know, criticize us, makes us follow your lead, tell us what you want, we will work hard to comply with your needs and to make a better world together
    • Ah!, and follow us in our social media platforms. We will do the same
    As Seen In
    Who Considers Us Important
    • We want to contribute and we will do it even without telling or bragging, but we also want to be known by you. We want to develop our business venture, so even when we want to do good without an ego show, we still need Public 
      Relations and Advertising
    • Keep reading to see what Customers, The Media, The Industry, and Other Recognized Organizations  are telling, or showing of us
    • For more detailed one to one interactions follow us on Social Media

    Where To Buy

    Where Can You Buy
    • Our business model determines where you can buy our products
    • Due to many factors, our selling partners may change from time to time, that is why we want to maintain an updated list of retailers, on-line retailers, distributors and other places where you can find our delicious, refreshing, healthy water
    • For our consumers convenience we will always sell it on-line ourselves, so you will have readily access to it
    • For a Complete updatged list, just Follow The "ICON's LINK"
    • If you are a retailer, Distributor, or are interested in carrying our product lines, please, just reach out to us. We will always be ready