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What is the Miami Beach Body Naturally Flavored Still Water?

As part of our Miami and Miami Beach Lifestyle Brand, and as out motto to Be Strong, Be Healthy, Be Beautiful, we want to offer you the healthier option to the Good, but Boring Flavorless Spring Water. Our response to it, is a Totally Naturally Flavored Spring Water with the cleanest label in the market.

Does your Flavored Still Water contains Caffeine?

No, Miami Beach Body provides other healthy products with caffeine, oriented to the Sports market, or to the Energy Drink, and functional Drink Loving market, but also as part of our comprehensive options to the healthiest lifestyle solutions, we also wanted to give you the option of a clean, no other than Naturally Flavor added product.

What do you mean by the no use of shelf-ready Flavors?

In the Flavored Water market, either sparkling as not sparkling, there are a great number of water that use the same flavors from the same Flavor manufacturers. Some with quality, some without, but the end result is a product that tastes the same, even from different Brands. Miami Beach Body took the time and investment to specifically design and manufacture the Flavors according to best practices, with the best Natural only Defined Fruit Flavors, to the type of water to be used, and to the taste of a wide users panel. We can guarantee that our Flavors are unique, and by the way......Delicious. Just try them.

Are your Flavored Water Non-GMO certified?

Yes. The Flavors besides being 100% Natural, are also CERTIFIED non-GMO (they do not contain any genetically modified organisms) by the Non-GMO Project Organization. We don’t guarantee the non-GMO status only by ourselves, but it is also analyzed, certified and guaranteed by the most incumbent third party organization. You can verify our certifications by visiting the Non-GMO Project page. Just click Here.

Are your Water Sugar Free?

Yes. Not only sugar free, but also Sweetener Free. Again, our objective is to give you the cleanest label in the market, without calories and without additives. These included all type of sweeteners either artificial as naturals, either from flavors as from fruits. No sweeteners of any type, Period.

Why your Water have Zero to Low calories?

The use of Flavors adds calories to the final product. They are coming from the fruit essences and other ingredients in the Flavor composition. We could have created a product with Zero calorie, but the Flavor would have been only a hint of a real Flavor. You can drink the Miami Beach Body Naturally Flavored Water assured that they have a very low calorie count, only from a Real Flavor you can Enjoy.

What is the Caloric range? Why?

According to the Flavor and to the bottle size, we offer you a caloric range of Zero, Five and Ten calories Max. According to the Flavor strength that our users demanded for a Real Flavor you an Enjoy, and a healthy beverage, we had to increase some Flavor proportions. While using the most recent FDA guidelines for Nutrition Information in our Water, we had to count 16.9 oz (our biggest bottle) as one single serving. This size, based on the latest, has a maximum of 10 calories for some flavors. This is the max, 10 calories, while, again, profiling a Real Flavor you can Enjoy. Compare this to a 110 to 160 Calories in a fruit juice serving of only 8 Oz for some providers that wanted to give you a similar flavorful experience.

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