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Tropical Mermaid - Advanced Technical Fabric with Water and Stain Repellent, UPF 50+, Super Fast Dry, Water Sports and Sports/Yoga Leggings

    1. We Don't Compromise Quality for Fashionable looks. We have both.
    2. The Miami Beach Body Leggings honor Miami and Miami Beach cities Lifestyle, so loved around the world, its Landscapes, Beach and Sea Life by inviting you to wear every day the symbols and clear colors of summer, of aliveness, the ubiquitous palm trees, the sports played in the beaches, and the cocktails sipped by the sand and in the world wide famous night clubs.
    3. This specific design, brings to life the ever present desire of most girls and women of being a mermaid. Now you have this opportunity. The world will never see a most colorful and bright mermaid. Our calling is to help you keep the beach with you even when you are away from it.
    4. We can do this, because every design is custom developed and thought by the meetings of the minds, ideas and styles of a team formed by our closest friends, including personal trainers, party promoters, fashion and graphic designers, and lots and lots of others who only want to enjoy life, have fun, look their best every day, from the office to the gym, and from the beach to the night club, no matter were in the world they are.
    5. You can wear our "Miami Beach Body" Leggings line at any time, assured that they were created with extraordinary fabrics and materials, quality, craftsmanship, and the vision of a unique attractive look.
    1. Designed and Made in Miami, USA with the most advanced technical fabric imported from France.
    2. We use the fabric used by champions in the Olympic games, Tour the France and other World Level Sports Competitions. We are bringing this fabric to the masses in order for everyone to enjoy its benefits. 
    3. Due to its advanced proprietary yarn manufacturing and woven process, the fabric has a 30% lower thickness than an equivalent knitted counterparts, allowing a smaller weight, while giving a real second skin feeling. We can consider this an ultra light fabric that will totally cover you and protect you while you won't even feel it..
    4. Thin but strong fabric provides ultra compression and muscle support.
    5. Fast Drying, proved during tests to be totally dry, after water immersion, in about 3 minutes.
    6. Te Breathable lightweight fabric continuously wicks moisture away from the body for fast drying no matter your activity level for an all day dry comfort. You will feel virtually dry at all times during your exercise or activities. We have tested it under the Miami sun, under extenuating indoors and outdoors exercise conditions, and sweat is immediately absorbed from the skin and evaporated. We have not been able to duplicate this with any other fabric, from any manufacturer. It is a feeling that you can only experience it to appreciate it.
    7. Four way stretch Tightly Woven Fabric, allowing a Natural Non-clearing, Non-see-through or color separation when stretched. Squat safe.
    8. Pilling, abrasion, stain and water resistant
    9. Maximum Sun Protection of UPF 50+
    10. Deterioration resistant to Salt Water, Sun and Chlorine
    11. Water and Stain Repellent (tested with wine, ketchup, soda, water, oils, and more) for staying clean, dry and comfortable. It will only get wet when totally submerged.
    12. Suitable for daily use, running, yoga, bodybuilding, Triathlon, Pool or Ocean/Beach bathing, Scuba Diving, Hiking, or simply for all of your active lifestyle and all-day comfort. You will be 100% Protected without any discomfort.
    13. Smooth Flat seams created by using quality four-needle-six-line stitching avoid chafing.
    14. A crotch gusset eliminates the 4 seams coming together in one spot creating freedom of movement and a more comfortable wearing experience.
    15. Washer and dryer-friendly. Color fastness and fabric flexibility and strength guaranteed never to fade.
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