Miami Beach Colors - Pink Athleisure Headband

    1. 5 in 1: Five ways in which the Miami Beach Headband can be used.
    2. By using the Miami Beach Body Headbands, You can always keep your head high with the confidence that you will be recognized as a member of a select group of people who can claim to have a Miami Beach Body.
    3. Our headbands are considered part of the athleisure movement. They have the vivid colors, the beautiful designs, the luxury feeling of the Miami Beach Lifestyle, so you can use them at any time of the day, for the office, for your friends reunions, for a drink or a coffee at the most exclusive parlors, and at the same time they have the fabric and technical characteristics to afford the best sport protection by absorbing, redirecting and quickly evaporating sweat from your eyes and face.
    4. The Miami Beach Colors - Pink Athleisure Headband was designed and thought to be a matching combination with the Miami Beach Colors Sports/Yoga Leggings - Main Pink, and the Miami Beach Colors Sports/Yoga Bra - Pink.
    5. Perfect to be worn by themselves, in matching combination with other Miami Beach Body Fashionable clothes, or under other caps, hats, helmets, or visors
    1. Breathable and easily stretchy material strategically composed of 88% polyester and 12% spandex, with a thick 280 gsm fabric (a parameter that most brands will not disclose) that absorbs & evaporates sweat faster than the average cotton sweatband while being extremely comfortable and lightweight.
    2. Stays in place during any activity. They will not slip even in the most violent workout or moved night dance.
    3. One size, conveniently and without applying pressure on your head. fits all. The stretchy fabric will adapt avoiding any headache no matter how long you'll use it.
    4. Washer and dryer-friendly. Color fastness and fabric flexibility and strength guaranteed never to fade.
    5. Assured quality control from fabric purchase, cutting, sewing and stitching, ironing and packaging. Each process is checked by quality assurance personnel
    6. We are totally committed to providing our customers with products that meet the highest standards of excellence
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