IN-TRAIN: The most advanced BCAA Intra-Workout Formulation of all Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Minerals, Aminoacids, and Other Natural Ingredients

    1. Miami Beach Body strives to always develop the most advanced products in all our product lines. Sport Nutrition is a fundamental part of the Miami Beach and Miami Lifestyle to Be Strong, Be Healthy, Be Beautiful.
    2. This Advanced and Complete product is pure and healthy, as it was formulated as:
      1. All Natural Flavors
      2. No colorants. Its color is given by the Vitamins it contains
      3. No preservatives
      4. No artificial Sweetener
      5. The only added Sugar is Dextrose as an Active Ingredient
      6. No Fat, No Cholesterol
      7. No Fruit Juice
      8. Gluten Free
    3. IN-TRAIN, as its name describes it, is a product engineered and formulated to be consumed DURING the performance of any extenuating exercise, being running, cycling, bodybuilding (Intra-WorkOut), Hi-level Sports, Marathons, and others. Has been conceived  to fight, exactly when they occur, the mental and physical stress produced by the physical exertion.
    4. IN-TRAIN has the tested Ingredients that help in:
      • Increasing Endurance
      • Increasing Mental Focus and Concentration
      • Growing  Muscle Size and Strength
      • Fighting Fatigue
      • Energizing without crashes
      • Increasing the Training TimeI
      • ncreasing The Training Intensity
      • Replenishing Electrolytes and Minerals
      • Balancing the body's ph
      • Serving as an Extra Strong and Extra Loaded Energy Drink
    1. IN-TRAIN has these Tested Main Ingredients to Support its Mental and Physical Benefits:
      1. 10 gr Aminoacids
      2. 7 gr BCAA (Branched Chain AMinoacids)
      3. 4.7 gr L-Leucine
      4. 27 Vitamins and Minerals
      5. 500 mg Trace Minerals
      6. 20 gr Dextrose
      7. 300 mg Caffeine
      8. Panax Gingsen Root Extract
    1. IN-TRAIN Nutritional Information or Supplement Facts
    1. This Product is to be consumed in its totality as a One Serving only if you are going to perform a prolonged, extenuating, or heavy physical activity.
    2. If your activity level is not high, you can consume it as a two serving packet
    3. To be consumed only by Healthy Adults 
    4. Do not consume more than one Packet a day
    5. Carefully review your caffeine intake during the day
    6. Consult your physician before consuming this product
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