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Miami Beach Body 25 Liter, Waterproof Dry-Gym Bag with Waterproof Outside Pocket.

    1. The Miami Beach Body Waterproof Dry and Gym Bags supports the Adventurous Sea, Beach and Wet Outdoors Lifestyle. It offers you reliability for any type of adventure! Whether you need to pack heavy or light, Our Dry Bags can help keep your things safe from the weather and any other external  or Internal factors.
    2. TOUGH, VERY STRONG, BUT LIGHTWEIGHT,  – Our Gym-Dry Bag is not only waterproof, but also snow proof, sand proof and dust proof. It is comfortable to carry, and resistant to tears, rips and punctures, making it the perfect accessory to take on your adventures and be confident.
    3. TOTAL RELIABLE PROTECTION – Our Waterproof Dry Bag is meant to last for years and provide waterproof protection for even the most rugged water uses. We guarantee protection for all your gear, no matter what the conditions. Either going on a plunge into white water, a Fun day at the Beach, or a High Seas Fishing Expedition, Extreme Kayaking, or Hiking in Torrential Tropical rain, the Dry Bag will keep everything inside dry, clean, protected and safe.
    4. It is lightweight and easy to carry and it will comfortably fit all body types.
    5. RECOMMENDED FOR – Gym, Kayaking, Fishing, Beach, Rafting, Boating, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Skiing, Travelling, White Water Rafting, Hunting, Canoeing, Snowboarding, and any other Adventure you can think of. You can now be caught in a downpour with confidence, because our Dry Bags will protect your things.
    1. Bag Holding Volume: 25 Liter
    2. Made of  strong, 0.5mm 500D Tarpaulin PVC
    3. High Frequency Welded Seams
    4. Ultra reinforced Vinyl at stress points
    5. Watertight zippered roll top closure with for better sealing
    6. Outside-Quick Access Waterproof Zippered Pocket
    7. The Dry Bag is Water Proofed to splashes, heavy water pouring, heavy raining, snow, and small time (up to 2 minutes) submersion, but it is not recommended for complete long or deep submersions
    8. Size: Width: 15.75 inches x 7.87 inches, Height: 14.57 inches
    9. As the rolling on the top increases, the Bag effective height decreases at a rate of 1 inch per roll, But the more rolled it is The best water protection it provides. RECOMMENDED: 2 Rolls minimum for water tight Integrity
    10. WARNING: This bag is not a flotation Device. DO NOT use it or rely on it for life saving.
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