Sorbitan Stearate

Sorbitan Stearate 
  • The source of sorbitan stearate is berries and other vegetable matter sourced from corn, palm oil fruits, and plums among others
  • The compound is derived as a natural alcohol, combining a sugar alcohol called sorbitol with fatty acids from vegetables
  • Sorbitol can be found in natural sources such as corn, plums, and many other common foods. When the sorbitol and fatty acids react, they create a new compound that retains the humectifying properties of sorbitol, and makes the alcohol an effective skin moisturizer and softener
  • Sorbitan stearate is an essential ingredient in many lotions and other skin care products. It acts as a humectant to bind moisture, thicken the product, and stabilize the mixture of water and oils. This stabilization effect is why sorbitan stearate is known as an emulsifier, it allows two liquids, which normally would not blend, to form a stable mix called an emulsion
  • Many everyday products use this to keep a cream base from breaking apart during long-term storage in vials, jars, and bottles. Separation may still occur, however, when products are subjected to extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • It is often used in anti aging formulas, rash treatments creams, and dry skin treatments
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