SD-Alcohol 40B

SD-Alcohol 40B 
  • SD (Specially Denatured) alcohol 40 is a type of denatured alcohol used in cosmetics and skincare products. It is mainly used as an anti-foaming agent, astringent, antimicrobial agent, and a solvent

  •  is ethanol that has additives to make it poisonous, bad-tasting, foul-smelling, or nauseating to discourage its recreational consumption. It is sometimes dyed so that it can be identified visually
  • Denaturing alcohol does not chemically alter the ethanol molecule and it is mainly obtained from a variety of biomass materials called feedstocks (the raw materials used to make a product). Ethanol feedstocks include grains and crops with high starch and sugar content such as corn, sugar cane, and sugar beets among others
  • It is also used in cosmetics and personal care to decrease the "dry down" time of a product

  • All SD alcohols are named such due to the Denaturant used in them which is intended to make the alcohol undrinkable as it will make a person ill intentionally

  • The Denaturant varies by the alcohol number, so 40B uses tert-Butyl alcohol

  • 40-B has the least amount of denaturants used in comparison to all other SDA formulas

  • As an astringent, SD alcohol 40 causes the skin to contract after topical application

  • It is a controversial ingredient. It's a great solvent and makes cosmetically elegant, light formulas but at best it's skin-drying, at worst it's skin-barrier damaging, ALTHOUGH, we use in only in our Hair Mask as a solvent, fast evaporation vehicle for the Natural oil mixes to be easily applied to your hair, and as antimicrobial

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