Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Extract

Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Extract 
  • Pomegranate fruit extract is derived from the pomegranate fruit, which has a thick husk and small pockets of edible seeds and juice inside

  • Pomegranate is believed to have originated in Iran but is grown in northern India, China, the United States and the Mediterranean area. The fruit grows on trees that are five to eight meters tall

  • Pomegranate fruit extract is a fragrance agent, as well as a skin-conditioner

  • Research also suggests that the fruit’s flower extract could help burns heal

  • Antioxidants such as the vitamin C found in pomegranates work by reducing cellular damage in your body. Other notable compounds include tannins, ellagitannins, and anthocyanins

  • While these work best via the foods you eat and drink, topical applications could provide some benefits

  • Reduced free radical damage can also translate to decreased inflammation in the skin. As such, antioxidants may be able to reduce the symptoms of certain inflammatory skin conditions like acne and eczema

  • Pomegranate is thought to contain natural antimicrobials from vitamin C. which may help fight bacteria and fungus in your skin. Such benefits may help treat P. acnes bacteria, which may be a precursor to acne breakouts

  • The antioxidants in pomegranate are also thought to help provide natural protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays, according to some studies. However, such protection isn’t enough to skip out on daily sunscreen

  • Using pomegranate, or Pomegranate Extract is considered generally safe, and no significant adverse reactions have been reported to date

  • The Cosmetics Ingredients Review has deemed that plant-derived phytosterols, including pomegranate oil, are not irritants or sensitizers in humans

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