Partners Section 3


Once you have demonstrated your commitment, place your show & tell owner, received it, and left your honest review of the product on our website, we will activate and communicate your access to the Partner Control Center, and enable all the Partner Exclusive Benefits.

These are:

(1) Receive an exclusive "Merchandise Welcome Package" which includes more Miami Beach Body gifts. Partner's communications are tracked by cookies enabled up to 90 days, and for the customer history of purchases.

(2) Personalized 20% perpetual discount for all MBB web offered merchandise. No limits on usage.

(3) Private Facebook partner only group

(4) Partner-specific discount codes to give to family, friends and prospects to promote sales.

(5) Exclusive advanced access to news, events, new product lines & product development, focus groups, & testings.

(6) There will be occasional Programs where Partners will have access to collaborate in the creation and design of new product lines & products from which, if selected, they will have a profit-sharing option on all sales of these products.

(7) Partners will have access to "Partner Only" sweepstakes for selected merchandise & prices and  once a year, a partner-only Miami Beach Body Royalty Weekend selection.

(8) The Partner Program is a program in development. We include more perks & benefits, or change existing ones. We will promptly communicate to our existing partners.