Naturally Flavored Still Water Section 2

Real Delicious Flavors
  • All Flavors are 100% Natural Named Fruit Flavors
  • We don’t use shelf-ready flavors that are generally available to any and all White Label Manufacturers
  • Our Flavors are specifically created by our Flavoring Scientists for the enjoyment of us all
  • Our waters don’t only have a hint of Flavor, but “A Real Flavor You Can Enjoy”


    NON-GMO Certified
    • Our Flavored Waters are very simple, just Water and Flavors
    • The Flavors besides being 100% Natural, are also CERTIFIED non-GMO (they do not contain any genetically modified organisms) by the Non-GMO Project Organization
    • We don’t guarantee the non-GMO status only by ourselves, but it is also analyzed, certified and guaranteed by the most incumbent third party organization

      Sugar and Sweetener Free
      • The great taste of our waters donot depend on sweets, but only in the scientifically designed Flavor Profiles
      • We don’t use HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)
      • We don’t use any type of sugar
      • We don’t use any type of sweetener, neither artificial nor Natural

        Zero To Low Calories
        • Depending on the Flavor and the bottle size, we offer you Zero, Five and Ten calories options
        • Why? We don’t play the game of serving size vs Calories, reducing serving sizes in a bottle to reduce caloric count. What you see is what you get.
        • We want to give you an enjoyable Flavor.
        • Flavor components have calories
        • Calories are still very low that will not compromise your healthy habits


        Fruit Juice Free
        • Our Flavored Waters are created to replace the boring traditional tasteless water with a less caloric impact and the most possible clean label available
        • We do not use Fruit Juice to avoid the caloric impact caused by the fruit Natural sugars
        • We want to offer you the cleanest water with the cleanest Flavor. Period.

          No color Whatsoever
          • In out efforts to give you the cleanest, purest water, we don’t use any type of color, either Natural or Artificial.
          • Water is clear, transparent, and we want it to remain this way.
          • A strong real Flavor, does not mean a funny color
          • If it has a color, well…., it doesn’t look like it is water

          Nothing Artificial
          • As we want to offer you the cleanest water….
          • We use no preservatives
          • We use nothing artificial
          • We use no colors
          • We are not worried about shelf life, we worry about your health

          No Carbonation, No bubbles
          • We have nothing against carbonation.
          • We like carbonation, and consider it safe. We are even creating a carbonated Flavored Water line for your enjoyment
          • We just wanted to give non carbonation lovers a healthy and clean option with a tasty Flavor Profile to enjoy

            ALL USA
            • We do care for our Country, our Workers and our Economy
            • The Water is US sourced and responsibly monitored by US trusted authorities
            • Flavors are US Designed and Manufactured
            • The Bottles are Manufactured I n the US from US Raw Materials
            • US workers handle all the logistics from source to consumer
            • The Sales benefits are all shared and reinvested into the US Economy