Alkaline Section 1

Naturally Pure
  • Naturally Occurring 8.0 ph Alkaline Mineral Water. Never artificially alkalinized
  • Natural Premium Light Mineral Spring Water
  • Naturally contains fluoride
  • No additives
  • Micron filtered, ultraviolet (UV) treated, Ozone Purified and bottled
  • Two years of freshness / Shelf Life


Nothing Added
  • Nothing is added to Everglades Water
  • The minerals and Electrolytes contained are Naturally Occurring and deposited by Nature
  • Calcium    28mg
  • Magnessium 14 mg
  • Chloride   7mg
  • Sodium  1 mg
  • Potassium  0mg
  • 225 Total Dissolved Solids

Unique Refreshing Taste
  • 300 ppm (parts per million) mineral count gives the water a unique naturally refreshing taste
  • Provides a taste aliveness sensation that differentiates it from other waters in the market

A Water with a Cause
  • Everglades is not another Water. It is a Water with a Cause
  • The Cause is to contribute to the Public Education about the Florida Everglades
  • The Cause is to monetarily contribute to the Everglades Restoration and Conservation efforts
  • We are real time accountable to the public about our contributions
  • We don't only give monetary funds, but also share our time for the Everglades
  • Our beautiful labels showcase the life of the Everglades and link you to more interesting information
  • Drink Healthy, Hydrate, Protect the World

Renewable Sourcing
  • To sell or consume bottled water is not always to pollute or deplete our earth of its limited resources
  • Our water is collected from vast reservoirs supplied by Ice Age Glaciers
  • Water collection is controlled and monitored to avoid environmental depletion and natural alkalinity and minerals stability
  • Protected from and free of Human pollutants and Industrial Byproducts
  • Constant controls assure that water character and purity remains unchanged

  • We do care for our country, our workers, and our economy
  • The water is US sourced and responsibly monitored by US trusted authorities
  • The bottles are manufactured in the U.S from U.S raw material
  • The products is sourced, bottled, transported, and sold by U.S workers
  • The sales benefits are totally shared and reinvested into the U.S economy
  • It is Everglades, It is the world's greatest water from America



    Recyclable, Biodegradable
    • To be consequent with our Parent Brand, and with our own Eco Conscience:
    • Bottles are 100% BPA Free
    • Bottles are 100% recyclable
    • Instructions are provided printed in our label
    • Bottles are created with Enso Additives for 100% Landfill Biodegradability in a 5 years period
    • All accomplished while offering a strong grade PET bottle that will not crumble while opening or under pressure