ABOUT US - Different Value Proposition

⦁ All natural products, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, lower carbon footprint, sustainable, lower water consumption. Resuming, nothing artificial, all recyclable and sustainable

⦁ Bringing back sanity to nomenclature being able to identify the products clearly by product name. The product name will match or indicate its function

⦁ We offer customers a comprehensive relationship with the company, for body, mind and soul equilibrium by  offering supplements, food, training, business coaching all based on a particular active and fun lifestyle of the multicultural, multifaceted, fast paced life of Miami Beach. A lifestyle for the happy and young hearted disregarding age or gender. We will tell and we will listen to you, with no exceptions.

⦁ Allows you to express yourself, promote yourself, market yourself and involve you in changing and influencing the world for good via social network meetings contributing with your own ideas, opinions, failures and success stories, photos, videos, events planning (free posting if marketed Miami Beach Body in event).

⦁ From 100 % of our sales a part will be dedicated to charities to help eliminate poverty and its causes, help convicts and for children charity causes.

⦁ Green, energy efficiency, recycling to minimize carbon footprint.

⦁ Complete and total disclosure of substances used in formulas to guarantee functional value being different to most competitors.